About Us

Uniting our passion with compassion


​We were founded during the COVID-19 pandemic because we witnessed how many people, especially those who are beneficiaries of charities, have become increasingly disconnected. According to a Wall Street Journal article, nonprofits face a “bleak future”- COVID-19 has lead to widespread unemployment and many people are forced to turn to nonprofits for help, yet their revenue has decreased significantly. We believe that we can empower charities with the technological resources they need to survive during this time and continue serving our community.

How We Started...

👋 Welcome to C4C...

Madhu Suraj founded Coding 4 Community in early 2020 after volunteering at a nonprofit organization supporting the local refugee community. During her time there, she noticed several issues such as complicated communication and language barriers, which she felt could be resolved through implementing technology-based solutions. She developed an app to improve the nonprofit’s scope of effectiveness, including features such as an in-app job finding service, applications for free meals, a family profile database, and donation services. Madhu was inspired to continue implementing free and sustainable software solutions for nonprofits, so she founded Coding 4 Community- an organization filled with enthusiastic developers, designers, and volunteers who would catalyze this mission at a global scale.