Without our volunteers, our work would
not be possible.


​We were founded during the COVID-19 pandemic because we witnessed how many people, especially those who are beneficiarieVolunteers are the core of any nonprofit organization, and we’re no different. Their compassion in their work, whether it is developing websites or designing wireframes, allows our organization to help empower charities and continue helping those in need of our services. Volunteers don’t just make up our organization, they are the backbone of C4C. Each one is uniquely different and brings their own sets of skills with them. And we hope you’ll be the next one!s of charities, have become increasingly disconnected. According to a Wall Street Journal article, nonprofits face a “bleak future”- COVID-19 has lead to widespread unemployment and many people are forced to turn to nonprofits for help, yet their revenue has decreased significantly. We believe that we can empower charities with the technological resources they need to survive during this time and continue serving our community.

Our Teams


- Developed full mobile applications, or app wireframes for over 6 nonprofit organizations.

App Development

We have temporarily paused the production of apps due to understaffing. Check back later, or contact us if you think you’d be a good fit for the Director of App Dev position!


- Designed app and website wireframes for over 30 projects, as well as other material such as logos, merchandise, and flyers.


Volunteers for the design team are expected to design user interface projects (app and web), organize wireframing using Figma, attend all weekly meetings, communicate with other teams for community engagement and social media project ideas. No experience is required; however, it is suggested to understand Figma and simple graphic design software, like Canva. Hours per week (not including monthly meetings) will be approximately 5-7. However, it will be flexible depending on how many user interface/wireframing projects, you decide to partake.


- Developed over 30 websites in partnership with our nonprofit clients

Web Development

Volunteers for web development team will help deliver top-notch websites for organizations we serve while ensuring factors like security, ease of use post-development, reliability, great UI and UX and design with the assistance of the design team. Additionally, familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a must. The development process of the website completely depends on them keeping in mind the deadlines suggested by the organization. But hours are approximated to be about less than 5 hours a week.


- Spearheaded digital marketing, and cultivated a social media following of over 2000

Social Media

Volunteers are expected to design creative posts for Coding 4 Community’s Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube by utilizing the platform Canva. Members will also have the chance to put together social media events, and grow C4C’s presence on all platforms. Hours per week (not including monthly meetings) are approximately 1-3 hours.


- Coordinated grants and sponsorships worth over $10,000


Volunteers are expected to find grants/sponsorships and apply. You will also handle anything finance-related, including grants, 501c3 registration, and the purchases of resources such as Zoom Pro or Apple developer accounts, and domains. Experience is not required in grant-writing. Hours per week will vary from one hour or more, as they depend on the number of grants found and submitted.


- Hosted over 12 unique workshops and panels with 100+ attendees, from over 35 countries


Volunteers will create their own workshop presentations, either independently or with a group, based on any computer science subject they are passionate about, and are free to schedule the workshop date and time to their liking. Typical work hours are between 3-6 hours per week, but time will vary depending on the subject, the time before the presentation date, and the number of people they are working with.